success in the flow

Success comes as a result of trusting the assignments of Divine Order

It’s amazing how a perceived “failure” can so fully move us forward – if we allow it to. Recently, I had to postpone a major event. It broke my heart to admit to myself that I was struggling to give the event 100% with a dad who is struggling. He never seemed to recover from my step mom passing away last year, or from my younger sister passing away the year before that – not that you ever really recover from those things.

I felt torn because I wanted to be fully present to his needs, but I didn’t want another personal issue to distract me from my professional goals. Before losing 2 nuclear family members in the last 2 years, I’d miscarried, been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and our oldest son diagnosed with a brain tumor. I just don’t have it in me to fake my way through life anymore. So, with the encouragement of my closest confidants, I made the difficult decision to push the event back.

Now, weeks after the decision to reschedule the event, I am feeling that I’ve found success in the flow, rather than fighting against it. I’m helping dad get settled into a new place and I’m spending some of the most meaningful time I’ve had with him… well, ever. He and I haven’t always been close. We’re having deeper conversations and I’m making a meaningful connection with him before it’s too late. This is what Divine Order had in store for me.

How many times have you heard that your goals should be measurable? I know I’ve heard it (and said it) a thousand times. What I have come to realize is this thinking causes me to try too hard – I’m looking for an analytical outcome to the spiritual challenge of living my purpose. I’ve been manufacturing an artificial path that factors out co-creation, and forgetting that great things manifest in ways that our human minds cannot fathom. I don’t need to push so hard.

“Failure” is what happens when our humanity fights the flow of life. “Success” comes as a result of trusting the assignments of Divine Order. It’s not about what I think I should be doing – I just need to relax and trust my guidance. I will find myself in the right place, at the right time with the right people, and it is there that I will find success <3



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