Spirituality in a Soulless Industry

Marketing. meh. I love it and hate it really. On one hand, its the only occupation I was ever really drawn to (besides when I was 10 and teetered between ballerina and veterinarian). My profession allows me the opportunity to have loads of variety, no two days are ever the same, I meet new people, travel, and learn about new companies and industries- and see how it is all interrelated. Marketing allows for creativity, begs for new ideas and fresh perspectives, and most importantly it allows us (the marketers) to connect quality products and services with the audiences that truly need them, creating a win-win scenario.

Not so fast with all the feel-goodness. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but this industry also really sucks. Marketers often have the reputation of seedy used car salespeople (sorry, I know there are car salespeople with integrity, too). “What do we need to do to get you into this campaign today?!” is what most prospects seem to expect from us. Not mention the personalities that conjure up these reputations- the cut throat, shank you in the back types who poach clients, bad mouth you or call competitors out in public channels like social media in an attempt to muddy reputations. There are the people you’d have never expected to turn on you, but there he or she is, with a feather hanging out of that smug little smiling face.

I know that this is similar to the population of the people in the world, a mix of good and bad, yin and yang. But for some reason we seem to attract Jekyl and Hyde types in this industry, and God help you if you trust the wrong person- there go your clients, the years of hard work, the revenue streams that keep the lights on and your dedicated employees working.

It frustrates the hell out of me and I have to consciously make an effort everyday not to let it get to me, to choose the right people to trust and to protect us and our investments. Staying grounded can be difficult when people, situations, clients, technology and the city you’re in is constantly changing. I would never pretend that spirituality is one size fits all, so I will offer you my solution- I have to hold tight to my spirituality, especially when things go to hell in a handbasket and I find myself in the tail spin of second-guessing everything I have ever done.

I take time to myself regularly to collect my thoughts, get in touch and listen for my messages (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out The Center for Intuitive Development, great place to be if you need help with getting in touch with your messages- love them!).

I nap. I know that sounds funny coming from a grown woman but in conjunction with having arthritis, stressful shit just zaps me, and being tired makes everything worse. The immune system goes downhill fast, and then I turn into Bitch Woman to my family- so not fair to them. Taking a 15 minute nap isn’t quite long enough to fall into that deep sleep that makes you want to sleep for hours more, but its just enough to reset the attitude.

I also start paying more attention to what I’m eating and drinking- though the instinct is usually to hit the bar when times get rough, I have to remember to drink more water and back off the frosty adult beverages. I’ve tried several times to completely overhaul my diet and go all vegan, all Caveman Diet, all anti inflammatory diet, and extremes simply don’t work for me and the demands of my schedule. Instead I go get a box of green tea, eat some blueberries and other anti-inflammatory / antioxidant rich foods, boost the leafy greens and go for a chocolately granola bar instead of a chocolate bar. I’ve also noticed that cutting back on meat seems to be a good thing- for me anyway. There is something about being weighed down by digesting a bunch of meat that makes me not feel well.

And most importantly, I have to hold tight to the fact that happiness, integrity and leading a life of spirituality and evaluation are choices. It is SO easy to get swept away with the torrents of craziness and crazy people and crazy energy swirling around. It is important to remember that even when we don’t have control of what is happening around us, we do have the control to stay spiritually grounded.

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