we can all be better

with teddy 2011I had a nice Sunday afternoon with my Little Man. He has loved his best buddy, “Teddy” (what can I say, I wasn’t feeling too creative the day we named him) for almost 4 years now. Teddy has been through thick and thin- vacations including Seattle, Chicago, El Paso, various places in AZ and FL, on a cruise ship and an 8 day stay in the hospital when Little Man had his surgery.

The wear shows. He has holes, his “fur” is matted, his plastic eyes are scratched, the faded red ribbon around his neck is hanging on for dear life. And then there’s the little spot on the bottom of his left foot that Little Man chewed on when his teeth were coming in (and then never stopped chewing on lol). Teddy looks like he’s been through hell. We keep telling Little Man to take it easy on Teddy- he won’t be around forever, especially if he isn’t gentle with him. One day, this seemed to have sunk in and he got really sad.

Teddy looked in pretty bad shape, but we don’t give up on those we love. So, we went to the craft store on Sunday morning and got 1) new stuffing 2) iron-on patches 3) Little Man picked out a rainbow pattern ribbon for Operation Teddy Rehab. That afternoon, we threw Teddy into the washing machine, and then used the hair dryer and a comb to dry him (it didn’t do much to help his fur, but it made Little Man happy). Next, we cut open the hole on the bottom of Teddy’s foot and used a drumstick to push in new stuffing- his head was a bit less floppy and he was something to hold on to again! Next, we ironed on tan patches over any holes, including the big one on his foot. Last, we tied on the new rainbow ribbon.

It made me so happy to make Little Man feel like something he loves so much is renewed. It made me think about how much I’ve felt sorry for myself, like I’m some broken down miserable old lady already. Its not true! I’m healthy, I’m functioning, and I’m even losing some of my stuffing 🙂 It made me happy to think we can all be better.


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