(video) Jenn visits the moms behind Seattle By Foot

It’s been a little while since we originally filmed this video, and you may have seen some of the video on the Seattle By Foot website, but I’m excited to finally share the interview in its entirety!

I love Love LOVE these women – Penny and Heather are business partners, but they are also moms and they know how to make their business work for their lifestyles. But it all comes together for them, “we support each other with childcare, working together and working from home”, Heather shared.

While they live in one of my fave cities, I couldn’t imagine how a walking tour company could easily fit for a family with children. And while the company offers fun city tours, and pub and coffee crawls, kids were the inspiration behind their walking tour for kids.

Check out the video, in it Heather and Penny take me and my family (and Penny’s sweet daughter Anaya) on a foot tour of Pike Place Market, and we see just how accessible and exciting a place it can be for families. Can’t wait to return!

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