(video) fossils, gemstones, minerals, oh my! visting Touchstone Gallery

WOW! Kelsey and I had a blast last week visiting Touchstone Gallery in the Scottsdale Arts District. If you’re local or visiting you have to check this place out. My friends Teresa (or T) manages the gallery – it’s a fascinating mix of part natural history museum, part art gallery, part home decor and jewelry store.

I’d mentioned to T that I’d be going to The Addams Family at ASU Gammage this week and she told me that they had the perfect jewelry to loan me for the show (got to keep it lookin right you know) and she was right – jet black fossilized turtle shell and ammonite another kind of shell, similar to the nautilus), an amber ring, smoky quartz bracelet and ammonite and jewel earrings. Fit for Morticia!

Check out the video, its a little longer than those we usually produce, but how could we cut anything? You’ll get to see a Mososaur fossil (a huge, ferocious sea creature the size of a school bus that lived 65 million years ago!), a 30,000 year old cave bear leg, a mammoth tusk, fossils, minerals and more! It’s incredible, especially in person, hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to check out my review over on the Gammage YouTube page (the Gammage Goers playlist) 😉

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