(video) filming in Seattle for my new series

We’re having the best time here in Seattle! When I say “we”, I mean me and the entire crew – my friend and assistant, Kelsey, and my husband and two boys. Living the life of a mompreneur can be dizzying, but there is balance to be found if you plan for what you want.

Joe and I originally decided to spend a week here to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary – we spent our honeymoon here and and have since returned to Seattle several times, we love it here. It has come to be a special place for us – we enjoy the contrast of weather from our home state of Arizona, and enjoy walking from restaurant to boutique to museum. Every time we visit we find something new to fall in love with, and on this trip we’re loving how much there is to do with the kids.

Our new friends, Heather Chermak and Penny Truitt, business partners and owners of the walking tour company Seattle By Foot, made it simple to find loads of fun things to do on their Seattle Kid’s Tour, which you’ll see in the video below. We filmed with them this week for a my new web series being release this fall – it’s all about discovering your passion and living the life that makes you happy and works for you. We’ve been very fortunate to meet some incredible people, including Penny and Heather, hear their inspiring stories, which I’ll be sharing with you on the show.

We are mixing family time and work successfully, and somehow Joe and I are managing to squeeze in some down time, too. The r & r makes me realize that a crazy, jam packed schedule is not what it takes to be successful or lead a happy life- focusing on my passion projects and spending time with people I love makes me feel successful, and it certainly doesn’t feel like work. I’m going to make every effort to take that feeling back with me to Scottsdale!

I hope you enjoy the video – this is a little taste of more time come this fall! Don’t miss a minute, consider subscribing to get the series delivered to you by email! 🙂

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